What to Expect

Statistics reveal that over one-half of marriages terminate in divorce, and, understandably, families are at a loss as what should be, and who should take, the first step. Confusion, anger, fear, resentment, often dictate behavior, nonetheless these emotions can exacerbate emotional and economic trauma. As a client your vital first step is to hire an attorney with experience in the field of matrimonial law who you trust to be attentive to your personal needs, as no two divorces are the same, and the divorce process often involves revealing information of a personal sensitive nature.

Our goal is to strategize a plan based on sound legal principles, and the specific needs of our client and their family, and to assist in avoiding costly emotional and financial mistakes. At the outset, the temporary financial needs of the family, the immediate rights and obligations as a spouse and parent, and if applicable, the sensitive issues of custody and access of the children, and occupancy of the marital home are addressed.

The initial consultation is a simultaneous process of our firm becoming acquainted with the client, and client learning about us and our staff.

A client should be prepared to ask important questions, such as:

What is the difference between a separation and a divorce?
How does the divorce/separation get put into motion?
Does it make a difference who initiates the action?
When and how do I tell my spouse?
Do I have to go to court?
How long have you practiced family law?
Is mediation or a collaborative approach appropriate?
What is the law firm's method of charges?
Who can I expect to speak with and when can I expect a return call?
How will I learn about the family finances, and the process of discovery?
How will my financial future may be assessed?
Does either spouse have to leave the marital home?
When and how do I address the questions and needs of my children?
Will my children be involved in the process?
How can I lessen the negative impact of the family conflict on my children?
What are the right of grandparents?
How do I protect the assets?
What is the "game plan"?