"All of your work, time, effort and care has culminated with a decision that is not only life changing for myself and my family, but hopefully countless others who attempt to be more than a mere presence in their child's life."

"To say that we are overjoyed would be an understatement. Words cannot express our thanks for all you both have done to make this possible. Without your willingness to undertake what appeared to be an impossible case, not to mention your knowledge and expertise of such a case, none of this would ever have been possible."

"You did not just present the case you went above and beyond what was required of any attorney. To say that you have changed the course of one family's life ensuring that a little girl would always have her father would not be an exaggeration. As a parent and grandparents, we will forever be grateful to you. With all of our hearts we thank you both."

"I hope you know how very grateful I am to you both for the job you did for me and for the sensitive and professional way you handled the case. I will always appreciate you for that, and for the better life I will have."